Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oh yeah... we had a baby!

It's pretty sad when you're so delinquent in keeping up with your blog that since your last entry you (a) had a kid, and (b) she's now 14 months old! But I guess that's what comes with being in the ministry: too many demands on your time too much of the time.

Amber Marie came into the world on May 30, 2007. The blessed event was not without its moments. Due to a problem with the spinal block we almost lost the baby and I almost lost my wife, but the folks at the hospital jumped right into action and did just what they needed to do. If it weren't 2 in the morning right now, I'd go into more detail about what happened that day, but the fact is I'm up with an ear infection and need to get back to bed so I can preach in the morning.

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